The Nova Virtual Experience Launch Party

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September 28, 2023

WE are the nova

Together, we are challenging norms, breaking free from boxes that have confined us, and creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and fulfilling future. That’s a bold move, and it’s way more fun to do it together.

Our virtual and local events are centered around these 12 monthly themes:

💫 The Freedom to be Your Authentic Self

💫 Creating an Ecosystem of Support

💫 Purposeful Action: Goals with Clarity, Intention, and Purpose

💫 Your Story Matters

💫 The Body is The Way Home

💫 A Life of Magic - Embrace Your Feminine Energy

💫 Balanced Living and Overcoming Burnou

💫 Living Aligned in Your Whole Life

💫 Conscious Leadership and Professional Development

💫 Financial Confidence and wealth-building

💫 Sustainably Amplifying Your Impact

💫 Blueprinting a Purposeful Life - Crafting Your Vision and Purpose

💫 Celebration and Gratitude


Watch the Recordings

Melissa Bauknight

Welcome Message

Relive the night's most brilliant moments

KC Baker


Get Clear on Your Message

Get the free tools you need to write your talk, deliver it brilliantly, and change the world.

Lisa Kalfus

Unlocking Authentic Connections: From Small Talk to Real Talk

Shazia Imam

Cultivating a Wealth Mindset and Owning Your Worth

Imposter Syndrome Is A Scheme

Reshma Saujani’s Smith College Commencement Address

Carrie Montgomery

Tapping into Your Nervous System’s Power for Conscious leadership

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The Nova is dedicated to reshaping the narrative of influence for professional women, guiding you to a future where authenticity, purpose, and growth intertwine harmoniously. Join us in a transformative experience that fosters holistic success across all dimensions of your life.

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